Engaging with God

There are many different ways that we engage with God as a church. But one of the primary ways is by gathering together on a Sunday. To take your next step at Union Center, we would encourage you to try to commit to gathering with us as often as you are able.

Journeying Together

We are working on how we journey together as a church. We don’t have a lot of next steps yet, but we invite you to join us on a Sunday and check out our calendar of events

Many times when we plan events to come together, we just seek to create space where love can flourish among us. 

Spreading Hope

We spread hope in our community through you. Hope is not just a positive outlook. Hope is a belief that Jesus will make all things new. When we live with our future in view, it changes how we act right now. 

One of the very tangible ways that we seek to spread hope is though hosting a CHOW pantry every week. Around one hundred families rely on our pantry to help alleviate food insecurity that they are experiencing. This is why once per month, as a part of our Sunday gatherings, we call for people to bring in donations to help stock our pantry.