Our mission statement seeks to answer "What?"—what we are doing together as Union Center Christian Church.

Our mission is timeless and shoudn't change.

Year after year you will hear the same phrase that helps guide us into what we believe God has called us as the people of God.

We are creating space to practice the way of Jesus through rhythms of

engaging with God, journeying together, and spreading hope.


 Our mission is timeless and shoudn't change, but our vision is timely and should change.
Every year, we choose three practices that help us engage with God, journey together, and spread hope. Focusing on these practices for a whole year, helps us to build them into our life rhythm. It also means that anyone can join us, at any point in the year, and be able to know what our focus is for that year. 

We engage with God by creating a rhythm of sabbath.


Jesus said that what we value is where our hearts are. Our values represent the character of who we want to become. The values that we have chosen aren't the only things that we value, but they represent important areas of growth that we've experienced as a part of our church's story. We hope that anytime we gather together, these character traits are felt by each person.

We value joyful commitment to Jesus, reliance on the Holy Spirit and trust in our Father.