Creating Space

Starting on Feb 4th, we are launching “Creating Space.” 

Creating Space is a collection of hour-long, small gatherings that meet before or after church for 10 weeks. These different spaces will help equip you to practice the way of Jesus together.

Our year will operate in three 10-week terms throughout the year—spring, summer, and fall. 

There are three different types of spaces from which you can choose: 

engaging with God spaces, journeying together spaces, and spreading hope spaces. 

For a few weeks prior to each term, we will release the types of gatherings that will be offered for the upcoming term. We will ask people to look over the gatherings and prayerfully choose one of the spaces that you would be willing to commit to for that term. When we say commit, we don’t mean that you have to be there every week, but we will ask that you don’t move around to a bunch of different groups.